Care Guidelines

How to look after your Nella Jade towel

All Nella Jade towels are flat woven with care in Turkey and each tassel is hand tied with love so it’s important that you look after your towel so that you can spend many summers with it!



We recommend washing your towel separately once before use. 

Cold hand wash or gentle machine wash with like colours.  If using a washing machine please ensure that you use a low spin setting to avoid unravelling of the tassels.

Please do not bleach or use harsh detergents.  Please do not use fabric softeners because (a) with each wash the towel will become softer and (b) fabric softeners leave soap residue which will make the towel less absorbent. 

Hang towel to air dry and do not tumble dry. If required, you may iron on medium heat. 

Please note that tassels may lighten after the first wash.



It is important to make sure that you don’t place the towel on jagged surfaces like a rough rock face because it is likely that a thread will get snagged.  If one of the towel threads do happen to hook onto something simply cut the loop.

It is not uncommon for a horizontal thread to become loose in the first few uses as all towels are fresh off the loom! So don’t worry if this happens!



Tassels can unravel over time because they are hand tied. If a tassel does unravel it is very easy to tie back up. Depending on your towel either retie the knot or simply split the threads into two parts and twist both sections anti-clockwise. Then, twist both sections around each other clockwise and tie a knot at the end. Voila!  You now have a new tassel!

 If you are still stuck simply have a look at how the other tassels are tied :)

Please Note: Colour variances in our Nella Jade Turkish towels are considered normal. This is due multiple dyeing batches and the natural dyeing process.

 If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at